We build our firm based on trust and commitment, for that our team are highly motivated and commited to provide excellence.
We came from various speciality, including but not limited to tax law, litigation, general corporate and commercial matters.

Humala Setia Leonardo Napitupulu

Humala Setia Leonardo Napitupulu

With more than 15 years experience within the General Directorate of Tax, Mr. Humala now has become a reknown Tax Consultant and Specialist.

His areas of expertise include but not limited in tax law, general corporate and commercial matters, real estate and property law, bankruptcy, insolvency, debt restructuring and liquidation.

Currently possessing Brevet C license, and also he is an certified tax consultant and certified liquidator. Now he is serving as general corporate counsel for several major companies in Indonesia, one of which are Synthesis Group.

Fransiska Xaveria Wahon

With an extensive and wide range of legal experience, Ms. Siska had been involved in various corporate and commercial matters, banking, foreign and domestic investment, company establishment, real estate/property and litigation.

She also had experience in election dispute which she act as advocate for Maluku Governor Candidate and judicial review experience which she succesfully change the interpretation of Tax Act in the Constitutional Court and having certified tax lawyer license within the Directorate General of Taxes.

Humala Setia Leonardo Napitupulu
Humala Setia Leonardo Napitupulu

Muhammad Fikri Alfarizi

With previous experience as corporate lawyer and legal auditor, Mr. Alfarizi had a broad experience and practice highlights in legal audit, corporate legal advisor, intellectual property, criminal law, tax law, labor dispute and litigation.

Now as a certified legal auditor, he is currently taking his specialization in legal due diligence matters and business competition law.

Yohanes Pattijaya Hutabarat

With wide arrange of experience in corporate and general legal matters, Mr. Yohanes had practices highlights in corporate and commercial matters, tax law, insolvency, investment law, manpower matters, litigation and now currently taking his specialization in capital market law.

Humala Setia Leonardo Napitupulu